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Training and capacity building

1- Cardiology course for non-cardiologists EWD run cardiology course for non-cardiologists which was accredited by the European society of cardiology (ESC) which took place in Cairo governorates, and another course took place on line for doctors in upper Egypt, where 46 doctors attended the course 2- Family medicine training course: Training delivered for family doctors […]

Collaborative initiatives with Governmental projects

1-     Birth control convoys: EWD participated in birth control convoys as part of “your Right to birth control” initiative that was initiated by ministry of health and population, where EWD provided free medicines for medical specialty (obstetrics – Internal medicine – Pediatrics) to provide best medical care for less privileged people. 2-     Participating in “100 million health” initiative The national […]

“we are with you” initiative (ehna maak)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic. EWD has offered support to the community to confront COVID-19 through : 1- Disinfection and sterilization of orphanages with special needs and an elderly home to face COVID-19 2- Cleaning and disinfection of worship places “mosques and churches” to face COVID-19 3- Donating protective supplies to support governmental hospitals […]

“Your eyes at our care” initiative (einak fi einena)

Through the Screening convoys, EWD took volunteered ophthalmology doctors to identify who need an operation or eye glasses, or medication. EWD Have run Visual acuity and provide eye glasses to whoever in need of it and referred who needed surgeries through the case management system, EWD has made a series of eye operations for the […]

“Hear and be happy” initiative (Esmaa we efrah)

EWD distributed hearing aid devices to children with hearing impairments after making a hearing measure for them. Making a hearing screening convoys, then hearing tests, and then provide hearing aid devices accordingly. EWD distributed 197 earpieces across 6 governorates through the years 2019 and 2020 in cooperation with our partner Ampliphon. Cairo 12 children Luxor […]


-After applying needs assessment analysis, EWD spotted areas that need lab coverage to serve remote and less privileged locations. -EWD have opened a lab in Nagaa Hamady in Qena governorate which serves 750 patient/year, besides preparing in process another lab in Shobra El-Khema in Qalyubia governorate that estimated to serve 1000 patient/year.

Comprehensive medical screening convoys

-EWD carried out a comprehensive medical screening for early detection of diseases to prevent complications. -EWD in each convoy has a structure of work where we start with testing prospects and then giving medication to minor cases, and in some cases EWD refers the major cases to the case management department to be treated through […]

Health Awareness

-EWD has carried out health awareness programs aimed at spreading health awareness and promoting preventive health concepts among family members. – EWD had run several programs like general programs that promotes general medical awareness, specific programs like sexual awareness for young girls, addiction preventive courses, and patient education) – EWD covered 3 governorates and made […]

Specialized medical convoys

-EWD has carried out specialized convoys to treat patient in remote and isolated areas where medical services might be not covering it. -The convoys have covered the following needs and specialties: Orthopaedics, obstetrics, Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, ENT, in addition to conducting awareness sessions for local communities during the convoys. -EWD have sent 36 […]

Case Management service

-Through the network of EWD and protocols signed with different medical establishments, EWD had several convoys and received individual requests to help in curing them. -EWD had made several special surgeries and expensive investigations that can’t be managed through our own establishments and facilities, yet through the power of collaboration and maintaining sustainability, we have […]