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Collaborative initiatives with Governmental projects

1-     Birth control convoys:

EWD participated in birth control convoys as part of “your Right to birth control” initiative that was initiated by ministry of health and population, where EWD provided free medicines for medical specialty (obstetrics – Internal medicine – Pediatrics) to provide best medical care for less privileged people.

2-     Participating in “100 million health” initiative

The national campaign to eliminate Virus C and the detection of noncommunicable diseases which is the initiative of the President of Egypt to eliminate the Virus C virus and the detection of noncommunicable diseases by commissioning all sectors of the country to participate, especially the Ministry of Health and Population to provide full support for this initiative for more than 50 million Egyptian citizens.

EWD have organized number of convoys to mobilize the targeted groups and raised the necessary awareness of the beneficiaries through the following convoys:

1-     Early Breast Cancer Screening Initiative

2-     C-virus screening convoys initiative

3-     Screening and treatment of chronic diseases and early detection of renal morbidity initiative

4-     Hosting the initiative for the examination and treatment of chronic diseases and the early detection of renal morbidity at the EWD dialysis Center in Qena governorate- Nagaa Hammadi

5-     Participating in “Women’s Health” Initiative:

EWD have equipped the screening room with “medical equipment” inside the City hall in Dokki to screen and detect the female employees, and the campaign included awareness lectures to illustrate to them how the monthly self-examination for women can be done.

3.      Blood Donation Campaigns:

EWD signed out a protocol with the Regional center for Blood Transfusion and performed tests for each donor and gave him the result in a closed envelope.

4.“Light and life” initiative (Noor Hayat)

“Light and Life” Initiative was initiated to combat the causes of weakness and loss of vision in cooperation with “Tahya Misr” fund

EWD made medical convoys in Kanatar Elkhairaia city and Shoubra Elkeima in Qalyubia Governorate and Banha city in Al-Sharkia governorate

EWD provided medical examination on patients, donated eye glasses, and referred severe cases to immediate surgeries through its network of volunteered hospitals and doctors.

“Light and life” initiative (Noor Hayat) was launched in January 2019, the “Tahya Misr” fund decided to allocate 1 billion pounds to implement the initiative within three years.

The initiative aims to combat the weakness and loss of vision through diagnosis and early detection of the causes, and raise awareness among citizens to reach Egypt free of visual impairment.

This is done by medical examination on 5 million primary school students, in addition to 2 million citizens of the most favored cases, and by provisioning 1 million glasses and making 250,000 surgeries in all governorates in Egypt.

The “Yahya Egypt” fund is implementing the initiative in cooperation with the Department of Medical Services of the Armed Forces, which has used all the equipment of its hospitals to perform surgical operations as well as to provide specialized medical personnel.


Qanatar Khayria

Eye glasses             402

Referred to hospitals           159

Operations             42

Treatment              218

Shoubra Elkhema

Eye glasses             955

Referred to hospitals           638

Operations             170

Treatment              152


·         Banha:

Eye glasses             1299

Referred to hospitals           466

Operations             159

Treatment              337