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South Sudan

As we believe that the dream is not far away, we aim at Egypt without Disease Foundation to expand our medical services in African countries and lend a helping hand to every person in need of healthcare services worldwide. As a first step, we are delighted to inaugurate our first branch outside Egypt in “South Sudan” providing health care services to the citizens of Juba.

This comes in line with our vision of having a world without disease and now with this new branch we can celebrate a new milestone towards “South Sudan without disease”.

Services Provided

ICU Training in 2022


• To train South Sudanese doctors & nurses on ICU skills.

The training was done in coordination with South Sudan Ministry of Health, Egyptian Embassy & civil society organizations and took place at the teaching hospital of Juba for the duration of 2 weeks. The course was presented by a selection of the best consultants at Egyptian universities.

As a result of the ICU Training:

• 37 doctors and 18 nurses attended the training and learned the skills of ICU in addition to ways of dealing with emergency cases and post operative patients in different situations.
• The launch of our first abroad branch in South Sudan.

Terkeka Convoy

After the opening of our branch

We launched our first medical convoy in Terkeka, in cooperation with “South Sudan Ministry of Health”.

The convoy lasted for 1 week and included examination and surgeries for 842 cases in different specialties including 20 surgical operations.

Juba Convoy

The Success of the Convoy

Encouraged us to do another one specialized in orthopedic surgeries in Juba, in cooperation with Sudan Ministry of Health and USRATUNA OVCI NGO.
With the help of Egyptian volunteering doctors, we succeed to do 19 complicated surgeries in orthopedic.