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Renal Dialysis centers

Daily suffering suffered by a patient of kidney failure, as he has to spend 12 hours a week at three sessions per week, and the duration of the session is 4 hours at a time, i.e. about 576 hours per year on dialysis machines.

According to the Egyptian Kidney Society, 25% of patients with kidney failure in Egypt die each year, while the global death rate does not exceed 10%, according to the statistics, that Egypt has 460 private and governmental centers which is not enough especially in upper Egypt and less privileged areas.

The majority of those who do dialysis are patients under the age of 50, so regular dialysis sessions prevent the patient from many complications, including the accumulation of fluid in the body or in the lungs, causing shortness of breath and chest pain as a result of inflammation of the lining covering the heart, and general muscle weakness.

in our pursuit to relieve the pain and effort from dialysis patients, we created a renal dialysis center in Qena governorate with a capacity to serve 20 patients/ month, and in process another center that will be located in Asyut governorate with estimated capacity to serve 40 patients/month, and EWD is planning under construction another center in Esna city in Luxor governorate that will serve an estimated number of 40 patients/month.