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“we are with you” initiative (ehna maak)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic. EWD has offered support to the community to confront COVID-19 through :

1- Disinfection and sterilization of orphanages with special needs and an elderly home to face COVID-19

2- Cleaning and disinfection of worship places “mosques and churches” to face COVID-19

3- Donating protective supplies to support governmental hospitals to cope with COVID-19

4- Donate preventive supplies to face COVID-19 to the Egyptian Ambulance Authority- Qalyubia governorate

5- Distributing protective kits to families who are in home quarantine due to infection of COVID-19

6- Distributing protective kits bags to city council workers to face the COVID-19.

7- Referring COVID-19 patients to intensive care: Volunteering doctors at EWD have facilitated places in hospitals to provide places in intensive care for COVID-19 patients with high-risk situations.

8- Providing health care and consultancy for COVID-19 patients: a group of doctors and nurses have volunteered at EWD to serve the COVID-19 patients who are staying in their homes, to lessen the pressure on hospitals.

9- Distributing protective supplies to nurseries to help in protection against COVID-19