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Can you save christmas with Santareto?

Once upon a time in the enchanting land of Christmas, where joy and love filled every corner, Santa worked very hard to prepare the presents for Christmas. Santa’s workshop buzzed like a beehive as every elf worked cheerfully and enthusiastically, aiming to spread the spirit of Christmas and make everyone feel unique and special. But the surprise is that not everybody loves Christmas!!
In the city of light, there was one person who didn’t love lights. The happy music makes his ears ache! It’s the Grinch
Under the cover of night, the Grinch sneaked into Santa’s workshop and made his way to the fully-stuffed sleigh that Santa uses for his journey. the Grinch sprinkled pepper on the drive wheel of Santa’s sled.
On Christmas night, Santa began his journey with a graceful heart after he said goodbye to his little elves. He was driving joyfully, singing the Christmas songs.
After a country or two, the Grinch’s pepper begins to do its work in Santa’s nose!
Santa felt that his nose was itchy! He tried to keep it, and instead of HO..HO..HO, it became HA..HA..HA , HATCHHHHHHHHH!
A big sneeze came out, followed by a lot of sneezes, he lost control of the sleigh, and the reindeer couldn’t understand a word from him!
The sleigh slid in the air, and flowed right and left until it fell down!
Santa has a broken leg, all the toys are out of boxes!
But in the time of darkness, a little hero emerged to save Christmas, It was little Santareto, a courageous and determined gingerbread, who loves Christmas time and admires Santa, sees him as his role model, and always wishes to meet Santa.
 Santareto leapt into action, with a heart filled with passion and giving, he decides to help Santa!
However, it’s a great mission to fix Santa’s sleigh and deliver the presents on time. He recognized that he can’t make it alone, so he called upon his friends to join the cause and help save Christmas.

Could You Come and Help Santareto to Save Christmas?!

Since every Hero needs a Hero to help him. Together, let us restore the magic of Christmas, bring smiles to children’s faces, and ensure that the spirit of love and joy prevails in the land of Christmas once again.

Program Includes:

Join Us at Our “santareto” Carnival, Taking Place on the 8th of December at Merryland.