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Half on you, and half on us initiative to prevent kidney diseases

Masr Bela Marad initiated a social media campaign to spread awareness about kidney disease among Egyptians, which included answers to some questions about kidneys, including:

When does the patient need dialysis?

Usually, the patient needs dialysis when the kidneys are still performing only 10% to 15%.

 Whatever type of dialysis is used, its goal is to remove waste products and remove excess fluid from the blood to maintain its health.

What are the common symptoms of kidney problems?

1- Swelling and fluid retention in the body

2- Lack of urination

3- Feeling tired and sleepy

4- Irregular heartbeat

5- High blood pressure levels

There are also some other symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, distraction, and blurred thinking that can appear as a result of not cleaning the body of toxins and waste as it should.

At Masr Bela Marad, we are currently working to provide health care for patients with kidney failure through the Nagaa Hammadi Hemodialysis Center and a number of new centers that are being established to serve the different governorates.

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